Group Information

Positions and Duties

The following are suggested positions and duties that the groups may consider: (Note: one person can hold more than one position, if required)

Program Coordinator

  • Participate in recruitment and selection of volunteers;
  • Assist in the overall organization of the program;
  • Provide leadership and guidance to the program members;
  • Liaise with the Police Liaison Officer and other members;
  • Liaise with other community groups, stakeholders and MB COPP;
  • Chair meetings;
  • Maintain a list of all current members and provide updated member list to the Provincial Coordinator, along with a signed Letter of Agreement for each member;
  • Arrange member training, as per program policy and procedures;
  • Respond to any media or public relations inquiries;
  • Pass on information provided by the Police Liaison Officer or other members regarding areas for special consideration when patrolling;
  • Maintain equipment inventory and order as necessary;
  • Initiate/organize/implement group fundraising activities;
  • Attend annual COPP Coordinator conference when offered;
  • Provide feedback and volunteer recognition to members

Scheduling Coordinator

  •  Responsible for scheduling volunteers;
  • Ensure all volunteers are capable of and available to complete their shifts;
  • Maintain scheduling records;
  • Responsible for the coordination, distribution and collection of shift reports;
  • Submit monthly patrol hours and volunteer hours to MB COPP via the COPP central email site or website;
  • Submit monthly reports to Executive, including Police Liaison Officer.

Assistant Program Coordinator

Support the Program Coordinator with the above duties, and act in their absence – i.e. chair meetings and conduct all relevant duties.


Secretary Functions

  • Co-ordinate and maintain schedules, phone lists, mailing lists;
  • Arrange meetings and inform members of dates, times and locations;
  • Attend all Executive and Membership meetings;
  • Assist in agenda preparation and distribution;
  • Prepare and distribute all correspondence as required;
  • Take notes at meetings, prepare minutes, circulate minutes and other notices to members;
  • Maintain the COPP volunteer membership list;
  • Maintain filing system including:
  • Executive Committee membership list and duties
  • Volunteer membership list
  • Program Forms
  • General information
  • News clippings from local media
  • Public relations documents

Treasurer Functions

  • Responsible for the group’s financial transactions;
  • Maintain a record of all money deposited into the account and payments made from the account including any invoices and vouchers;
  • Receive and check bank statements to ensure the balance on the statement corresponds with the balance on the running record; and
  • Prepare and submit regular financial reports to the Executive.

Police Liaison Officer

  • Assist in the organization of the program along with the group coordinator;
  • Liaise with other community groups, police agencies and Manitoba Public Insurance;
  • Assist in the recruitment of volunteers;
  • May arrange for criminal record searches for volunteers where appropriate;
  • Responsible for all matters regarding the Law; and
  • Review requests and suggestions received by group members, as well as the general public.

Volunteer Coordinator

  •  Recruit volunteers through various means such as radio, television, newspaper, posters, presentations, word of mouth and public service announcements;
  • Review applications with the Coordinator and Police Liaison Officer;
  • Maintain list of all trained volunteers and provide copies to the Executive members;
  • Provide recognition to volunteers, along with other Executive members.